Go Off Grid for Environmental Reasons

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March 31, 2021

Go Off Grid for Environmental Reasons

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Go Off Grid for Environmental Reasons

If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint, go green by dropping off the grid. This is the eco-friendly way many householders are reducing their power bills living simpler lives , reducing their dependence on traditional power suppliers. And if they produce more power this way than their household needs, they are able to feed it back into the power grid. Junk Removal York PA.

Going green involves using nature to help you generate power by means of harnessing the power of the sun (if there are enough hours of sunlight) or the wind to supplement your power supply. Dropping off the grid needs planning for it to be successfully implemented.  

Part of this may involve replacing old appliances with modern, more energy efficient ones. Disposing of old appliances in a responsible manner can present a challenge, but  we will discuss this later. 

At Little Green Junk York we encourage any initiative that is designed to save the environment. So anything that is eco-friendly fits into our philosophy that relates to the responsible disposal of waste. Going green is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to take stock of what else is cluttering up their houses and to get rid of any redundant trash item once and for all.

Home Junk Removal in York PA and Your Area

If you are faced with a growing trash problem at your home, call us to help you solve this problem rather than wasting your time stressing about it. We are a phone call away and can be there as soon as you need us. We offer professional junk cleanup services and will haul away anything from yard waste, old mattress removal, or unwanted furniture removal at a date and time that suits you. 

We offer household waste removal at competitive prices, and pride ourselves by the high levels of service we offer. 

Little Green Junk York is right there on top of the list when it comes to garbage removal companies doing rubbish removal right here in the York, Lancaster, and Dillsburg districts.

Same day Junk Removal York PA

When you decide to do a home cleanout before redecorating or before moving into a new house, please call us to help you with your excess junk. We even offer same day junk removal which is a service offered if you urgently need us to haul away junk. 

This same day junk removal service helped a client recently when a storm caused a tree to blow over in their garden blocking the driveway. Once the branches had been cut down to size, they called us and by doing tree waste removal we were able to assist them on the same day with a complete yard waste removal. 

Our policy is to have the flexibility needed to be able to collect any trash that is in your way at a time stipulated by you, and to be able to tend to your problem when you need us. We know that you have other matters and deadlines to keep you busy, so anything that requires an after hours service, or a weekend pickup, we can help you with. 

Collection of Junk is our Business.

If you have too much trash for your local council to collect, call us and we will collect and dispose of it for you. Our service is prompt, and we also collect all kinds of junk. No need to separate your junk for us. Just point out what you need removed, and consider it done as soon as we get there. Our staff will efficiently load and remove it on our truck, recycling what we can, and disposing of everything else responsibly. 

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether furniture junk removal, mattress removal, in fact, any bulky item removal like a hot tub removal or if you need deceased estate cleanout services, we can do it. So unlike your local authority who stipulate items that they do not remove, Little Green Junk Company is licensed to remove all your household or office trash.

We will bring the correct equipment for the job, together with a sizeable truck to take the complete load off your premises.

Back to Going Green 

So, when you are ready to go off the grid, we have given you the solution to clearing up your home in advance of the big change. The four big energy users in the house are your water heater, aircon or heating system, stove, oven, and lights. Let’s have a look at what you should do about them. 

Using Gas

The geyser or water heater consumes a vast amount of energy in order to keep you constantly supplied with hot water. When you turn the hot tap on, the geyser fills up with cold water which immediately starts heating up. 

If you rely on solar power only to replace electricity for the geyser, you’ll be at the mercy of the sun’s appearance. If it’s a cold, miserable spell of weather, then your water will not get hot enough, so you need to consider other options. 

A good option is a gas device which when placed near to a tap or shower head, gives instant hot water only when needed. While considering gas, it is also a good way to heat up the house instead of electricity. It’s far cheaper and can be done by piping a gas heating system through the house.  

The same applies to your stove and oven, which although are not huge electricity users, unless you do loads of cooking, can also be replaced by a gas stove. We offer an appliance removal service to assist you with disposing of the old appliances you may replace. We dispose of these in a responsible manner, recycling where we can and only using the landfill as a last resort.  

Lastly, by converting the lights in your house to LED bulbs you will save on electricity as these are energy efficient, producing more light per watt than incandescent bulbs. Also, LED bulbs last far longer than the traditional light bulbs, saving you money on replacements.

Cleaning Up for Going Green: Junk Removal York PA

When you start looking to replace your old appliances with the new, smart ones, and seeking a way of reducing your carbon footprint, you will be becoming part of an increasingly large group of responsible people also trying to go green. 

As you decide to start this process, give us a call as you’ll need to get rid of your old appliances responsibly. Check out our credentials. Little Green Junk has excellent reviews and a good reputation for top-class customer service.

The reliable and responsible waste removal and disposal services we offer are designed to make it easy for you, our valued customer. 

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