Home/Office Cleanouts

A clean home is something we all aspire to have. Whether it is to impress friends or family, to help sell a property or just to give yourself some space, keeping your property clean is necessary to make it liveable.

However essential keeping a tidy living area may be, we recognise the time and energy-consuming nature of this sometimes monumental task, while a keeping a tidy home has been proven to be good for your health, achieving this is not always possible alone. This is where Little Green Junk are happy to help.

The same applies to offices. It would be logical that having an office devoid of clutter would be less distracting for those working in the office.

Our home and office cleanout division specialise in the efficient removal, recycling, and responsible disposal of your household items, so you can achieve that clean home or office that you deserve. Our experienced team arrives on time and carries out the task at hand in a safe, expedient manner, with minimal disruption to your day. We want to take your cluttered home/office space off your hands, it is no longer your issue.

Why have your home or office cleaned?

Researchers at Princeton University in 2011 discovered that clutter can make it difficult to focus on tasks. The brain (or more specifically the visual cortex) can be overwhelmed by the mess, making your attention more and more difficult to allocate. When things are tidy and your clutter has been removed, you are more likely to feel motivated and tackle problems facing you.

What you can expect from us.

We operate in and around the York PA area, extending to Harrisburg and Lancaster. Having a team of experienced professionals on hand to remove the junk from your home allows us to be on time, efficient and committed to customer satisfaction. Upon making contact with Little Green Junk, you can expect a no-obligation quote for the task at hand, we’ll hide nothing within the pricing of our service, aiming to be as transparent as possible in giving you the most cost-effective solution to your cluttered home.

We offer cleanouts and junk removal for basements, estates, storage units, apartments, commercial units, warehouses, offices, and residential properties. We also offer services for foreclosures and other real estate needs.

Not sure if your needs are right for our services? Get in contact and we’ll see how we can cater to your needs.

Need York PA space decluttering? Call today for a free no-obligations quote.