Garbage Removal

What is Garbage Removal?

Junk or garbage removal is an on-demand service to take care of your unwanted items and remove them from your property. Though this is usually in bulk, we take care of all items, big or small, so long as we can haul your garbage away in a pickup, we can take care of your junk.

Why use a custom service like ours?

While it is true that most areas such as York PA have garbage disposal trucks run by the local authorities, there are often where this service of one load of garbage every two weeks simply isn’t enough. For example, after a large cleanout of your garage, you have more than one garbage bin’s worth of junk – the authorities will leave you to take care of the excess, leading to a backup of garbage that you don’t want.

The Little Green Junk Approach

Our focus is on exceptional customer service while carrying out our service with minimal disruption to your day. Once the task is shown to our experienced team, the problem is no longer in your hands. You will not have to worry about your junk any longer. With Little Green Junk, you can expect the most efficient garbage removal in the area, with the most transparent rates. That is our promise to you.


We emphasise an environmentally responsible approach and aim to recycle as much of what we remove as possible. Once we have removed your junk, we want you to be safe in the knowledge that your waste is not damaging the earth. Where recycling is not possible, we use the most responsible disposal methods available to us. Your waste will not be weighing on your conscience.

The Process

Having garbage removed from your property is a seamless process with Little Green Junk. Upon contact with us, we will give a no-obligation quote in-line with our transparent pricing promise – you will not have to worry about hidden fees.

Our experienced team will show up with the appropriate equipment, you show them the junk to be removed, and we will work efficiently, with minimal disturbance, until the garbage is no more. Throughout the job, you can be comfortable that your junk will no longer be cluttering your property.

We offer both commercial and residential services and are happy to accommodate our services to your needs. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote and take your junk off your mind.