Appliance Removal
Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal Service

There comes a time in every appliances life where it must be replaced – whether this be a faulty refrigerator or a washing machine that just does not cut it anymore. Being such large, bulky items, most trash disposal companies refuse these items, so taking them out with the garbage is not an option, what’s more, more often than not they’re too heavy to lift. Most appliances contain chemicals which are harmful to both the environment and to humans, left in landfill, these chemicals aid in depleting the ozone layer, therefore they require safe disposal. Here at Little Green Junk, York PA we remove old appliances and aim to find someone in the community who can use them – if this isn’t possible, we dispose of them in a responsible manner.

What You Can Expect from Little Green Junk

Upon making an appointment, our team arrives on time for the scheduled removal service. Once you’ve introduced them to the appliance which needs removing, consider it gone. Our team will work with minimal disturbance to remove your appliance while you continue with your day as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Once removed, you can be safe in the knowledge that your appliance will not be sitting in a landfill impacting the environment.

Transparent Pricing

Jobs such as appliance removal can vary greatly depending on the appliance, however, this doesn’t mean the price also varies. Once contacted regarding your removal, we are happy to quote you a price with no hidden surprises – so you don’t have to worry about added complications affecting the cost of your appliance removal. Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll contact you with pricing.

Donation and Recycling

After your appliance removal, if a suitable owner cannot be found, we take the appliance to a recycling facility for responsible disposal. Here, the appliance is deconstructed into its individual parts, where the recyclable majority are sent to be repurposed. Plastic, metals, and glass are found in the majority of appliances.

While this process remains a staple in our goal of disposing responsibly, if this can be prevented by finding a suitable owner for the appliance, it will be donated to people who need it most.


If you have any inquiries about the process, feel free to call or email us and we’ll answer any queries you may have.


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