Basement Cleanout

We are all guilty of using our basement as a storage space. In fact, a lot of people have not been down in the basement for years and simply dump all their unwanted items and junk down there. Eventually, it can get out-of-hand and the clutter can get out of control.

If you have decided that it is finally time to have a basement cleanout, you do not have to do it alone. This can be a huge, daunting task and you may be worried about where all of your unwanted items are going to go. At Little Green Junk, our team can help you.

Our Basement Cleanout Service

Over the years, you have probably collected a lot of junk. Instead, of taking it to the landfill to dispose of, we can help you recycle and donate your old possessions. This is going to be the best option for the environment and it can make you feel good that you are helping others.

When you make an appointment with Little Green Junk, we will let you know when you can expect us. Just show our team the junk you want to go and we will collect them. We do all the heavy lifting and hauling for you. We will then try our best to recycle as much of your items as possible. Even if you do not think some possessions can be recycled, there may be parts that can be reused. In addition, if there are any items that are used but in working condition, they can be donated.

Why Choose Little Green Junk?

Little Green Junk is a full-service junk removal and hauling company that operates in York PA and surrounding area. Our goal is to reduce the junk that is being sent to landfill and trying to recycle or donate materials. We have a professional team that provides convenient pick-ups to suit your schedule. Little Green Junk are competitively priced and leave your property clean and tidy.