Refrigerator Removal and Recycling

Is it time you got rid of your old refrigerator? This can be a difficult task to do on your own. It is a heavy appliance and one that cannot be easily transported to a landfill. But the good news is, you do not have to struggle on your own. In fact, you do not have to struggle at all. With Little Green Junk, we can dispose of your refrigerator for you. Our refrigerator removal and recycling service is going to get the job done in an eco-friendly and easy way.

Refrigerators Contain Toxic Chemicals

Not a lot of people realize that refrigerators are not just hard to dispose of because they are big and heavy. They also contain a lot of chemicals that are toxic. This means that they are very bad for the environment when they are dumped in a landfill. In particular, Freon is a chemical that is known to be dangerous. The good thing is, when you choose our refrigerator removal and recycling service, we ensure the process is not dangerous for the environment.

Can I Recycle My Old Refrigerator?

You may be thinking; can my refrigerator really be recycled? The answer is yes. Even if your refrigerator no longer works, there are still parts that can be salvaged and reused in another way. You will be surprised by what can be recycled from your old appliance. For example, it may have metals and plastics that are wanted. 

We can also make sure that any dangerous chemicals contained within the refrigerator appliance are disposed of safely. You can enjoy peace of mind and know that the job has been done properly.  

If your refrigerator is still in working condition and you no longer want it, Little Green Junk can also donate it for you. You can feel good knowing that somebody else can enjoy your appliance now that you are done with it. Choose our refrigerator removal and recycling service today!