Reliable and Organized Estate Cleanout Services

Ensuring your home is thoroughly cleaned out for prospective buyers is an essential part of selling any property. Particularly in the case of foreclosures, having the previous tenant’s property removed from the home before listing it for sale makes a huge difference in the likelihood of receiving offers.

If you are a homeowner or real estate agent, you know that removing all that junk can be a considerable challenge in the pursuit of a sale. Not only do all the items need to be removed efficiently and safely, one must make sure that the home is not damaged in the process. This can be a mammoth task without an experienced team.

Here at Little Green Junk, we make estate cleanout a simple, seamless process. We provide a safe and efficient service for cleaning out properties to be sold. Our experienced professionals make the job as easy as you like, arriving punctually and working quickly to ensure that you can focus on the sale of the property. Our team provides top quality workmanship towards ultimate customer satisfaction. We cover properties in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and the surrounding area.

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Eco Friendly

At Little Green Junk, we recognise the importance of operating sustainably, aiming to preserve the planet as best we can. Therefore, we limit as much as possible what we take to the landfill and aim to recycle as much as we can. By calling Little Green Junk you can be safe in the knowledge you have chosen an option that does not damage the environment.

Services for Real Estate Agents, Landlords and Property Managers

Real estate professionals realise that preparing foreclosed properties for sale often comes hand in hand with dealing with whatever the previous tenants felt necessary to leave behind. Unfortunately, previous tenants often feel that they have no reason to leave their former property in good condition.

This clearly requires the work of professional junk removal services such as ours, what’s more the often time-sensitive nature of foreclosure requires efficient removal, which we are proud to offer, as we haul away any unwanted furniture or appliances in a timely, professional manner.

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Estate Cleanout
Estate Cleanout