Tire Removal

Do you have tires in your garage from older vehicles? Everybody hates seeing used and worn tires lying around. They can also take up a lot of valuable space. But the problem is, a lot of trash collectors will not take them off your hands. The good news is you can now get rid of them once and for all with Little Green Junk and our tire removal service. Our team can get rid of all your old tires when you are clearing out your garage or yard.

Recycle Your Old Tires Now

Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment. You can play your part when you have your tires recycled. They are an item that is being limited at landfills due to containing a harmful gas called methane. This is something that you do not want in the soil and it can be dangerous for our health. By recycling them with our tire removal service, you can ensure that this does not happen. Instead, they can be reused and make into other useful items. This includes garage flooring, asphalt surfaces and even for shoes. You can enjoy peace of mind and Little Green Junk makes the process so easy.

How We Can Help You

Our tire removal service at Little Green Junk is quick and easy. We will make an appointment with you ahead of time so you can know when you are getting rid of your old tires. Our licensed and experienced team will take them away and get them recycled. Just let us know where they are. We ensure that our service is competitively priced so that you can enjoy a great deal. So, if you want to spring clean your garage or tidy up your yard, we can help you at Little Green Junk.