Mattress Disposal

Do you want to get rid of a mattress but don’t want it lying on the curb outside your home? Are you worried it won’t get picked up? Getting rid of old mattresses is not an easy task and that is why we offer a mattress disposal service at Little Green Junk. We can do all of the hard work for you and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we responsibly dispose of your junk. We are talking about recycling as much of your mattress as possible instead of just dumping it at a landfill.

Choose Eco-Friendly Mattress Disposal

Did you know that your mattress can be recycled? Indeed, there are a lot of parts contained within your mattress that can be reused in another way. For example, this can include steel springs, the cotton and foam materials, and even bits of wood. We do our best to recycle as much of your mattress that we can to keep unnecessary items out of overflowing landfills. This can make you feel good about your choices and know that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Why Choose Our Mattress Disposal Service?

Our mattress disposal service makes getting rid of your own mattress so simple. All you have to do is make an appointment for the service and we will arrange a day and time with you. When our team arrives, just point us towards the old mattress. We will take it away and recycle it for you. You don’t have to figure out hard to get it into the car or where to take it. We ensure that it is recycled as much as possible. You can feel good about your choices with Little Green Junk and our mattress disposal. Our goal at Little Green Junk York PA is to reduce the amount of junk that needs to go to landfill. Let’s work together!