Debris Removal Services

Hauling construction or residental debris is no easy feat especially after fire or storm. Many try to do it themselves and end up wasting more time than was necessary, time which could be spent with family, friends, or doing something you enjoy. While debris removal is important for the safety and security of an area, very few people want to perform the job. To cater to this, at Little Green Junk we ensure that debris is removed in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner, removing debris so your area is safer than before.

What is Debris?

Residential Debris is the household waste generated by a variety of activities such as home renovations, after fire, general decluttering and, garage and other cleanouts, as well as construction.

Debris removal is imperative to the safety of any site, common debris such as sawdust can easily be inhaled, whereas larger debris such as drywall and wood pose significant tripping hazards.

While the majority of clients are residential, we also cater to commercial customers such as construction sites which produce significant amounts of debris, in particular carpeting, drywall, hardware, and tiling to name a few. At Little Green Junk, we realise that debris removal is a difficult job and you need an equally tough service to manage your waste.

Storm Debris

Many think that debris is a waste product, and are surprised to learn that this isn’t the case, as extreme weather events become more prevalent due to the changing climate, storms bring “storm debris” such as tree branches and other damaged items onto your property, which often require professional services to remove. After a storm, the debris which has made its way onto your land is the last thing you want to be worried about. Hence, we are here to make the process of removing downed tree branches and other materials, so you do not have to worry about taking the time to do it yourself.

Why Little Green Junk?

We cover York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and the surrounding area. Upon contacting us, we work with you to understand exactly what is necessary to remove debris from your property. Following this, we give a free, transparent up-front estimate of the cost of debris removal, before sending our efficient, experienced team to provide quick and efficient removal.

Debris Removal
Debris Removal