Cheap Hot Tub Removal Service

There is no question that hot tubs take up large amounts of space and require significant forethought before installing in your home. Often, when moving to a new house or reassessing your options, you may decide that there is no room or need for your hot tub, meaning you need to find a way of low cost disposing of it. This is no easy task, with hot tubs being large appliances that require considerable effort to move, not to mention somewhere to go.

This is where Little Green Junk comes to the rescue. While not everyone has the time or money to take care of their out-going hot tub, we do. By contacting The Little Green Junk Company to do the heavy lifting, you can save money and countless hours.

What We Do

To take care of your hot tub worries, we arrive punctually at the agreed time with all the necessary equipment to take the hot tub off your hands. After removing your dismantled hot tub, we haul it away in our truck, so you no longer worry about it. Following this, we take your hot tub to be reused by a new owner, provided it is in working condition. If not, we ensure all recyclable parts are taken to be disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly manner, while the rest is disposed of as responsibly as possible.

Like the rest of our low cost services, we employ our transparent pricing methods, so from the first contact to the end of your hot tub removal, there are no hidden surprises within the cost. Our primary concern is removing the hot tub in a way that brings the most customer satisfaction, not to pocket your hard-earned cash through sneaky pricing.

Have a Hot Tub to be Removed?

Contact Us today with any questions. We cover York, Lancaster and Harrisburg and we’ll do our best to give you a clearer picture of what needs to be done to complete your job.

Hot Tub Removal
Hot Tub Removal